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Saturday 19 August 2017

Quote For The Day

    “I have to report a breakdown in control......yes this is Number two reporting.”                {No.2 – Hammer Into Anvil}
    I have to admit that there are times when I feel sorry for Number 2. Number 6 can certainly dish out some rough justice when called upon! I suppose you could call Number 6 Nemesis, chosen by Number 1 because he knew he wouldn’t flinch when it came to breaking Number 2. I’m surprised Number 6 didn’t report the sudden breakdown in control to Number 1 himself. After all it didn’t matter who Number 1 was at that point, he’d have only been a voice on the telephone, a voice the television viewers would never have heard. But Number 6 reporting to Number 1 himself, it would be like reporting personally to the General, it just isn’t done. No, much better to have Number 2 to report himself. After all its not known how Number 1 would have reacted to Number 6 on the telephone, whoever Number 1 might have been at the time, and vice versa of course. I think to have Number 2 report himself added humiliation to his breakdown!

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