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Friday 25 August 2017

The Tally Ho

No.6 tells It Like It Is!   
                      by our own reporter
     No.6 a man of strong principle and high ideals, felt he should talk to the press about his treatment since having arrived amongst us here in the Village, and how he feels about that. It would appear that they did take a liberty in bringing him here, and certainly he showed the normal shock symptoms, followed by acceptable behavior pattern, and was distinctly aggressive. Since his arrival here in the Village he has proved to be exceptionally difficult and aggressive. He’s refused to settle down and join in. I asked No.6 if he had anything to say for himself, and defiantly as ever he said. "I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered." Brave words indeed, except that he was ‘pushed’ into his resignation, perhaps he had reached the point where he hated his job. This is judged by the rage in which he gives in his letter of resignation. ‘Filed,’ a card with the Prisoner’s photograph is "X-ed" out and filed under RESIGNED. ‘Stamped.’ having been hallmarked for the Village to where the Prisoner is duly abducted. ‘Indexed,’ that would be his personal file. ‘Briefed,’ the Prisoner was briefed on the Village during the aerial tour of the Village by helicopter. ‘De-briefed,’ this took place on the day of the Prisoner's arrival in the Village, after No.2 had invited him to the Green Dome for breakfast. ‘Numbered,’ they gave him the number 6 on the day of his arrival.
    Then there was that time when he stood for election to the position of the new No.2. It was a strong opening speech No.6 gave. “Yes, I was determined to discover who the Prisoners and who the warders, and how many of each.” Yes and your defiance was clear in that speech, as you defined the good citizens of this fine community into two categories. Those who like you who have knowledge that is invaluable to an enemy, having held positions of a secret nature. That knowledge to be protected or extracted. And those who  have accepted the situation of their imprisonment….”And will die here like rotten cabbages!” No.6 added. So you remember. “Indeed I do, just like it was yesterday.” There is one thing that has always puzzled me Number Six, and perhaps you would care to enlighten both myself and the readers. Just how do rotten cabbages die?
   You said that you were going to discover who the prisoners and who the warders. “That’s right.” It took you a long time to find that out didn’t it. “Yes.” How was that? It was after a game of chess using human beings for the pieces. The chess champion Number Fourteen took me to one side and explained how to tell black from the white. By their dispositions, their attitudes, it’s simply psychology. You soon know who’s for or against you. It’s the way it is in life.” But it didn't do you much good did it? “Oh I don’t know.”  What I mean is it didn’t get you anywhere. “Well if it hadn’t been for that stupid Rook, he had no business in putting to me my own test!” You don’t blame yourself then, after all you did take command of the little venture. You should have been more careful. “How was I supposed to know the Rook had an independent mind.” But you did know, that’s the point. And what was all that about during the election “My primary objective is the security of the citizens,” that doesn't sound like you at all! Perhaps it wasn’t! And what about when you were actually elected as the new Number Two, what did you go and do, you tried to force your will upon the people. I have command obey me and be free! Admit it, you were no better than any previous No.2, or your successors to come! “I offered the citizens something no other Number two had ever offered.” You said yourself that everyone votes for a dictator, and that’s how it turned out to be, that much you have to admit. “I wanted to escape, and intended to do so in the ensuing confusion.” But your words encouraging the people to be free, that they were free to go, drifted away on the wind, unheeded. “They are sheep!”

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