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Monday 21 August 2017

Where’s The Crate?

    In a cave somewhere on the coast of Poland, Number and Nadia are sealed in a crate. That crate is then sent on a 12 hour journey to London. First by road to Gdansk/Danzig, then by ship to Copenhagen, by plane to London, and by road again from London airport to an office Number 6 knows very well in London.
   We are shown the crate with Number 6 and Nadia in it, being loaded onto a freighter in the port of Gdansk/Danzig, and again as it’s loaded aboard a cargo plane at
Copenhagen airport. In the top picture the lorry is about to drive out of a lay-by, perhaps the driver felt the need for a break, or a call of nature. But it is such a pity that production-wise they had to use film of two different lorries for the same scene!  Its just a pity no-one had the idea of putting the crate on the back of the lorry as seen in the above picture, at least then the picture would have been complete!

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