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Wednesday 23 August 2017

Bureau of Visual Records

    Nadia Rakovski, if that be her name, has just arrived in The Village. She woke up in what she thought was her own home apparently in Estonia, so it must have come as something of a shock to see that she wasn’t in her home in Estonia at all. Well it would have come as a shock if she wasn’t working for The Village!
   So the telephone began to bleep and she picks up the receiver. A kindly gentleman trusts that there have been no ill effects from the journey, and then invites her to have breakfast, Number 2 the Green Dome. It must be that breakfast is the first thing offered to all new arrivals. No doubt that’s because of the long journey to The Village.
   And so Nadia takes her first tentative steps out into The Village. Her number is Number 8, her cottage is number 8 hence the sign post. But what’s that white circle with the number 8 doing on the wall? It wasn’t there in ‘Arrival’ when the Prisoner went that way to the door of the
Bell Tower. But perhaps then Number 8 wasn’t living there, I don’t mean the current Number 8, I mean the previous Number 8, a man who vacated the premises? It would seem that the cottage, now occupied by Nadia has always been 8 Private, and yet not in ‘Arrival’ it wasn’t!

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