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Wednesday 9 August 2017

Well It Was worth A Try No.2!

    What might be considered the worst plan or experiment to have been undertaken by Number 2? Three episodes spring to mind, and all three have good cause to be the worst plan to be conceived. ‘The General’ because of the abominable experiment of Speedlearn, it was an abomination, slavery. Taking away people’s right to learn, to make mistakes. And of course the result was the destruction of the General, and the deaths of the Professor and Number 12.
   The second episode is ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ and the  transference of one man’s mind into another man’s body. Perverted science  brought about by the  desire for information, as well as doctor Seltzman’s reversal process! This did not end well. Number 2 may well have acquired the reversal process, but he let doctor Seltzman escape though his fingers. And there was the death of the Colonel to be accounted for.
   And then comes ‘Living In Harmony,’ the Prisoner fed with hallucinatory drugs, talked to through microphones. Put in a dangerous environment, isolated him, gave him love, took it away, made him kill, and he’ll crack if only in his mind. This episode too ended badly, two deaths, Number 22 and Number 8 for which Number 2 will have a good deal of explaining to do, as well as having to pay for this failure. And I suppose one further episode could be added, one final attempt to manipulate Number 6, to face him with the fact that he has been Number 1 all the time, and therefore he alone is responsible for everything that has happened to him, ‘Fall Out.’ The confrontation between Numbers 6 and 1 did not go well. In fact there was armed revolt, death and mayhem! The rocket launched, the loss of Number 1, the escape of four prisoners, along with the sudden evacuation, and The Village left totally deserted. It was a bloody disaster for which someone will have to pay dearly, after all someone had to have been to blame.
    Out of these four episodes I find it difficult to choose one, to say it was worth a try Number 2, but was the most ill conceived plan of them all. It has to be ‘Fall Out,’ it was an unmitigated disaster! Although the reader might not agree, you may discount all four and have a completely different idea yourself.

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