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Thursday 3 August 2017

The Therapy Zone

    Which might be considered to be the best of the schemes Number 2 had to carry out? I suppose it would have to be having Number 6 wake up in what appeared to be a deserted Village. Give him time to escape by sea, then trust to luck. Or better still have M. S. Polotska shadow Number 6 aboard his raft, just in case of an emergency. Eventually there was a fight aboard the motor cruiser, Number 6 was forced to jump ship and swim for it. He’s washed ashore, and eventually makes it back to his home in London where Number 2 is living in what was his own house, she even has his car!
   So the plan is going well, now Number 2 has Number 6 in her grasp, but he doesn’t realize it. Washed, shaved, and dressed, Mrs. Butterworth sends him on his way in order to make his two calls. He gives his report about The Village to the Colonel and Thorpe. No-one is too sure of each other, Number 6 cannot be sure which side runs The Village, and they can’t be sure their ex-colleague hasn’t gone over to the other side! So a plan is put into action, Number 6’s story is checked, and the dice are found to be loaded heavily in his favour. Next, calculations are made, and a search area for The Village is established over an area of 750,000 square miles! Soon Number 6 is on his way navigating a Meteor jet aircraft, which stops off at RAF Gibraltar for refuelling. Eventually The Village is discovered, “Could be it, go closer.” “There it is, we’ve found it, that’s it.” But Number 6 has been deceived, a hand on a black and yellow striped handle, “Be seeing you,” the handle is pulled, Number 6 is ejected from the aircraft and finds himself floating down to the beach below. Number 6 has been allowed to escape The Village and no matter what has taken place in between, he has been successfully returned to The Village. It was a good plan, it worked and was a success. But what exactly was achieved? Save for the fact that an elaborate plan was used simply to teach Number 6 a lesson.

Be seeing you

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