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Monday 3 September 2018

60 Seconds With No.2

    Well I did my bit, no-one can say otherwise. Yes I was quickly replaced, but that was always the plan. It was my remit to see the new arrival settle into his cottage. To de-brief him, and brief him on The Village. He had already enjoyed a tour of The Village at ground level, so I thought it better to explain things from the air. The restaurant, the Town Hall, Citizens Advice Bureau. I told him about our own little newspaper, and I warned him about the graveyard. What more could I have done? So I showed him a demonstration of our power through the Guardian, the chap used in the demonstration wasn’t really hurt, it was more of a nasty experience. Then of course I took the Prisoner to the Labour Exchange, he met a familiar face, I thought that was why he smashed the wooden construction set to the floor. Of course it did seem to have more to do with the questions the questionnaire he was asked to fill in, race, religion, hobbies. What he likes to read, what he likes to eat, what he was, what he wants to be, any family illnesses, any politics? But I could tell we had a challenge on our hands, that’s why I was so suddenly replaced, not that I had done anything wrong, or my term in office being up. But to bring in a new Number 2 meant that the Prisoner would have to begin all over again, like sending him back to square one.
    I suppose it’s reasonable enough that I should one day wake up in The Village. I imagine I have not been the first, and will not be the last Colonel to find himself working for the organisation behind The Village. Once I had left The Village I went back to my office in British Military Intelligence, at least if Palmer gives me any more grief I know where to send him!

Be seeing you

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