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Saturday 1 September 2018

Village Life!

    “It must remind you of old times Number Six. Do you remember your first day?”
    “You trying to be funny?”
    “She’s your new neighbour, the new Number Eight.”
    “She’d better not come calling to borrow a cup of sugar!”
    “Now don’t be like that Number Six. I want you to be neighbourly. Get to know her.”
    “She’s attractive I’ll give her that.”
    “Well give her something else while you’re at it.”
    “What do you mean by that?”
    “I’m talking about the experience of your first day in The Village. Introduce yourself, help her settle down, get to know her.”
    “Is that an order?”
    “It’s a request, but take it whichever way you like.”
    “Well it appears to be a pleasant enough assignment.”
    “I thought Potter was your assistant?”
    “He was, but no longer. He’s been transferred to the Control Room. Oh you should have heard the things he suggested I do to you, they would have made your eyes water!”
    “I first bumped into Potter in the Labour Exchange.”
   “Yes he was the manager there, he wasn’t very good at that either!”
   “Oh well, I’d best be going, and when I see the new Number Eight I’ll give her the works!”
    “I’ll bed her in!”
    “What was the Number Six?”
    “I’ll instruct her the ways of The Village.”
    “That’s better. By the way what’s it like working for us now? And do take your hands out of your pockets, you look like a man checking his loose change!”
    “Loose The Village?”
    “A cashless society Number Six, just think about it!”
    “I have. Do you know, Number Thirty-eight wanted to spend a penny the other day.”
    “Did she?”
    “No, she hadn’t got a penny!”
    “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

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