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Monday 17 September 2018

A Favourite Scene In Free For All

    Clever aren’t they? Yes they are, damned clever! They were not only confident of their choice of candidate, but they knew Number 6 wouldn’t be able to resist running for electoral office, after all what had he to lose? I like the way they reveal that prefabricated placard “Vote for No.6.” And those others held up by members of the electorate, always kept blank to the camera until it was time to reveal the face on the other side. That came as a shock to Number 6, he wasn’t expecting that I bet! No matter how good Number 6 is, no matter the type of calibre the man, he would never be able to manipulate such a community as this. Number 6 must have been deluded to think that he could have organized a mass breakout the way he tried. Not one single citizen took the least bit of notice of him as his voice boomed out this is their chance, that they are free to go. Number 6 in command? Never! Anyway what did Number 6 care about the citizens? It would have been enough for him to have the citizens create such chaos and mayhem to allow him to slip quietly away unnoticed!
   But it didn’t work, it would never have worked. Number 6 might well have saved himself a lot of trouble, time, effort, and a beating at the fists of the two motor mechanics. As for Number 2, well he was on his way out, he wasn’t going on leave was he? It was a very elaborate plan, but what exactly did it achieve? Perhaps that Number 6 is capable of being manipulated as any other citizen in The Village. As for the new Number 2, what had she actually achieved? Well she hadn’t been in the job five minutes so give her a chance. No doubt she thought some good old fashioned brute force against Number 6 would loosen his tongue. It didn’t, but perhaps this Number 2 would have something more subtle in line for Number 6, to which we are not privy!

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