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Wednesday 5 September 2018

In The Therapy Zone

    Indoctrination is one suggestion put forward as the activity going on within The Therapy Zone. An alien creature known as a Roveroid, from another world perhaps billions and billions of light years away, somehow arrived on Earth. It then found itself in The Village, and so to survive it settled down and allowed itself to be engaged as the Guardian. While all the time it has been on a secret mission, to pave the way for the conquest of the Earth. There is a curious white light emanating from the Roveroid, as it indoctrinates four humans into the ancient ways of an alien life form, to become its slave. To serve and obey, but wait, there is an intruder, an interloper. We know what happens next, the four men, assisted with three other converts take out their displeasure of being spied upon. Instead of forcing this human to undergo indoctrination, he is beaten into almost unconsciousness, and expelled from The Therapy Zone. Such humans who have the strength of mind to resist will be expunged by the Roveroids. Such humans who co-operate will receive the massed knowledge of the Roveroids, knowledge that has been accrued over millions and millions of years, knowledge drained from the minds of life forms from all parts of the universe. So we asked this Roveroid one question WHY? “There is an answer. The problem is that the one being asked doesn’t always know the answer,” seems to be the answer!

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