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Tuesday 25 September 2018


   At the end of ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ did No.6 miss a golden opportunity to escape The Village? Some might see it that way, however, instead, gave the detonator to the recently retired No.2 so that he could get away instead. As we witness in the episode, it is No.6 who stops the new No.2 from removing that Great Seal of Office from about his shoulders. If No.6 had tried to escape in the same way, using the detonator as a bargaining chip, who then might he have trusted to do likewise for him?
   Also, as the helicopter was departing The Village for the landing stage, the new No.2 looked to the skies in surprise to see that the helicopter was suddenly turning back to the village! I suppose the pilot could have received an order from the Control Room. Maybe the helicopter was being brought back to The Village by remote control at the hand of an operator in the Control Room, as in the same way in ‘Arrival’ when No.6 tried to escape in the helicopter. Or perhaps the retiring No.2 had had a change of heart, and had himself returned to The Village of his own free will. I bet the new No.2 couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the helicopter turn and fly back towards The Village! To use this ex-No.2’s own words, "They'll get me wherever I go," so most likely he decided to return to The Village, the possibility of his assassination/execution now well and truly over. And so he might live out the rest of his life in peaceful retirement in the Old People's Home, without having to keep looking over his shoulder!

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