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Friday 21 September 2018

The Tally Ho

Running With The Hounds

by our own reporter
        Tally ho, that’s what they shout when the chase is on for the fox. Well in bygone days it used to be, however the chase is on and the fox in this case is No. 6 and No.2 is head of the chasing pack. Of course this broadsheet will always favour The Village, and the way we work here is quite miraculous. Like the time we got the election edition printed so quickly and with No.6’s article, only it wasn’t written by No.113, his interview with the local candidate was a complete waste of time. No, the article was written in an office long before the election began.
    Generally The Tally Ho has no date, but there is one exception, and that led to some confusion. The date Feb10th appeared twice, as did the same headline, both of which related to two specific times, the one Tally Ho doing two jobs.
    Printed daily at
noon, well yes and no, at one point No.6 buys a copy of The Tally Ho at 20 minute past 10 in the morning. Furthermore two issues are printed the one day, so work that out!
    We report the news whilst providing a voice, like the time No.2 called for an increase in vigilance against indeterminate enemies who are amongst us here in The Village. Did No.2 mean dissidents, like that No.12 of administration? Or he might have meant jammers, No.6 was a jammer all those activities of his, all came to nothing but No.2 couldn’t see it, because he didn’t trust anyone not even his assistant No.14. No.51 was against The Village, he had been radicalized by No.100 in making a detonator for the bomb, but he had been neutralized by No.6!
    No.6 is a troublemaker, a malcontent, and top of a list of malcontents. So now we’re getting towards it, malcontents they are the enemy within The Village. Formerly No.2 didn’t know who these malcontents are, yet by the time another interim No.2 takes up office in the Green Dome a list of malcontents has been drawn up. As I was writing No.6 is a troublemaker, he’s either trying to escape, or poke his nose into business which does not concern him! He is a thorn in the side of No.2, I don’t know why he just doesn’t deal with the man and by doing so bring peace and harmony back to The Village.
    Living in harmony, that’s what No.2 wanted. Instant Social Conversion was one way of achieving peace of mind. No more aggression, agitation a thing of the past. It was a witch hunt against anyone showing the slightest bit of disharmony. Being posted as unmutual came next, and after that complete peace of mind. The Committee was a tool of No.2’s who wanted to steal the minds of the people. If Speed Learn made people into rows of cabbages, even knowledgeable cabbages, Instant Social Conversion finished the job! It destroys and makes people docile, it takes away their will. But at least they have peace of mind.

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