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Wednesday 19 September 2018

It Doesn’t Really Mean Anything!

    Brilliant it doesn’t really mean anything, brilliant! But people will make it mean something, even if they do not understand it themselves, they’ll probably make it up as they go along! Just like Number 6 did that time at the arts and crafts exhibition, abstract art is basically primitive, that’s why he made his own tools. Rubbish! He had to make his own tools because he couldn’t get any proper tools! Stone axe and chisels, it’s not stone tools he needed, but good strong flints! Perhaps we make too much of ‘the Prisoner,’ does it really have to mean anything? Can it not simply be enjoyed for its own sake, as pure escapism? I did during my screening of the series for the 50th anniversary. I shut off my mind to any possible questions and just watched, just watched, and it was brilliant. None of it mattered but the action and adventure of the series. Not one man’s fight against bureaucracy, but one man’s determination to escape a government prison! To maintain his identity, yes they took away his name and gave him a number, but that’s what happens in Prison. Prisoner’s no longer have a name but a number, so there’s nothing unusual in that. What is unusual is a prisoner being given the opportunity to be the Governor! But Number 6 turned the offer down, he threw it back in their faces, and brought the system down from within so to speak. ‘The Prisoner’ is good agricultural stuff, but doesn’t really have to mean anything......unless you what it to!

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