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Saturday 8 September 2018

Forthcoming Book The Prisoner D----- D---

    Work on the project has been progressing a pace, and publication of the book will take place by the end of November. An official press release from the publisher will be appearing on my blog soon, and I’m informed that pre-ordering of ‘the Prisoner D----- D---’ will be made available.

    ‘The Prisoner D----- D---’ is a must for both the seasoned enthusiast as well as those new to the series.
   This is not an extended episode guide because it doesn’t contain an episode guide!
    Nor is it simply another handbook about the series.
    It is in parts a scholastic book,
which is thought provoking, as well as containing fresh information within its pages, not only about the Prisoner, but also of Patrick McGoohan himself.
    Research for this book has taken me to many interesting places beyond the confines of the Prisoner and his Village, such as;
    The American wild west.
    A County cricket club.
    The Tricksters Island!
    A Monastery, to seek help from a librarian.
    These and other places in the quest for   

                               David Stimpson

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