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Saturday 15 September 2018

A Favourite Scene

    When an unknown man storms into an office, and in a fit of rage hands in what we suppose to be his letter of resignation, because at this point no-one is completely sure what he’s doing, well not the first time we don’t! We are not told that he has just resigned his job. Nor does that man look important enough to be handed a letter of resignation. No, not handed, the letter is slammed down upon the desk and stamped with the man’s fist! This angry man paces the office shouting at the passive man sat behind the desk who remains unemotional. It’s not even a very impressive office come to think of it. It’s nothing more than a poky little box room, perhaps the man sat behind the desk is nothing more than a first contact, a receptionist within whatever organization he represents, although we assume its a department within British Military Intelligence. The man is angry about something, angry enough for him to chuck up his job. And the letter, what happened to the letter? Perhaps the man sat behind the desk went and handed it to someone else, the Colonel seems a likely candidate. Which in turn asks, why didn’t this man hand in his letter of resignation to the Colonel in the first place? Did the Colonel then keep the letter? He might have passed it to Sir Charles Portland, after all he’s the boss despite his late appearance in the series! And what then? The letter filed away in one of those grey filing cabinets we see during the opening sequence! And the location of this office? For filming purposes a small room in the underground car park was used. But of course the man having parked his Lotus 7 left the car park via the way out, so fictionally I like to think the office is located somewhere in a building in White Hall, which is but a stone’s throw away from the car park!

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