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Sunday 23 September 2018

Village Life!

    “Here we go again!”
    “That doesn’t sound like you.”
    “I find it difficult to summon any enthusiasm this morning. I get up, have a bath, shave, get dressed, have breakfast, then a second cup of tea, I like two cups of tea in the morning don’t you?”
    “Yes, with an extra slice of toast and marmalade.”
    “Then I make my way to the Town Hall, meeting with you along the way. We pass through the archway, down the steps and onto the shared area of the Piazza.”
    “Yes I find that part of our walk most dangerous.”
    “You mean the cyclists and taxis sharing the same space as us pedestrians.”
    “I was very nearly run over by a taxi the other day.”
    “Then we cross the lawn, and continue on our way passed the statue of Hercules........”
    “Atlas surely!”
    “No Hercules, Atlas had to go off and do something else, so Hercules took the world on his shoulders for a while. Then we turn left......”
    “We could go straight ahead at that point, up the steps, through the gate, across the road, and up the steps into the Town Hall.”
    “Yes but this way takes a little longer.”
    “Its only trying to avoid the inevitable........just a minute, there’s a public safety committee sitting today.”
    “They had one of those during the French Revolution.”
    “That’s as maybe, but I’m going to sit on that committee and raise the question of public safety in the shared space of the Piazza. It’s a danger to pedestrians.”
    “Hustle and bustle that’s you.”
    “And you, fed up with the daily grind?”
    “No, a special assignment.”
    “You’re on assignment, where to?”
    “Where’s that?”
Austria, I might not come back!”
    “Why is it a dangerous assignment?”
    “No, but I might just disappear. They won’t let me resign!”
    “If you were to resign they’d only bring you back here!”
    “I hadn’t thought of that.”
    “Come with me and sit on that blasted committee, and together we’ll get the shared space of the Piazza altered!”
    “I hear they intend to make more space.”
    “How do they intend to do that?”
    “By removing the pool and fountain!”
    “They can’t do that, Number Sixty-six will have nowhere to sail his plastic boats!”
    “Isn’t there a by-law against that sort of thing, sailing plastic boats in the free sea?”

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