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Monday 17 September 2018

The Therapy Zone

    I like to think of the Therapy Zone as a place where people go to think about ‘the Prisoner,’ either to discuss the series with other like minded enthusiasts, or simply to sit quietly and think about it in solitary contemplation. But does it help? I suppose it might help clear the mind of thoughts and ideas which help clog the brain. Or perhaps one has become lost, having travelled along one avenue of thought, only to have found yourself detoured at the crossroads, and now you find yourself going along another track, and so on and so forth until there you are, absolutely lost with no idea how to get back to your original thought! Why the crosspiece? Why not the crosspiece? Does there have to be a crosspiece? Yes, otherwise Number 6 would have no spar to hang a sail from! I think that tapestry of Number 38’s, when set as a sail give Number 6’s sailing craft a touch of the Vikings! The first cross appears as ZM73 pulls open the double doors of the office during the opening sequence. Number 48 stretches out his arms to form a cross, likewise the late Number 2 stretches out his arms, and yet that has no religious connotations for me as it does for some. Others would have it that Number 2 was resurrected, if they listen to the word, and you’ll find the word is resuscitated! Number 2 might feel like a new man, that’s perhaps because he’s been given a second chance, well perhaps not. They couldn’t let him rest in peace you see, they had to bring him back in order to be put on trial for all of his misdemeanours, whatever they may be. Because Number 2 is a good man, he was a good man, but if he’s going to die he’ll die with his own mind. Number 1 will hypnotize him no longer. He’s seen the light hallelujah! Number 48 saw the light, he was with them then he went and gone, gone away! As for Number 6 he’s a man of a different calibre, he’s always seen to have a future with The Village, that’s why no harm was allowed to befall him, you can’t expect a man of fragments to be put in place as Number 1. As for Number 1, I’ve always thought it such a pity that a little effort could not have been made for 6 and 1 to talk together during that confrontation. But then what might they have said? Number 1 turned out to be as mad as a hatter, well that’s how he’s always struck me, and Number 6 is not much better, but at least he does remain calm and calculating. Number 1 does evade capture, but his ultimate fate is then unavoidable, whatever that might be. There’s no leaver on the upper section of that hatch, he can’t let himself out of the nosecone of the rocket! As for Number 6, his fate is the same fate as it was at the beginning, Number 1 showed him his future in that crystal ball, the future Number 6 rejected by allowing it to slip through his fingers and shatter into a thousand splinters on the floor!

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