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Saturday 15 September 2018

Village Life!

    “I don’t know what it is, but days here seem to be the same as yesterday with the prospect of tomorrow being as today. Do you know what I mean?”
    “Yes old boy I do. This morning I got out of bed the same time as usual, and guess what.”
    “Nothing happened!”
    “My maid arrived at the usual time with my breakfast.....”
    “Just a minute, what’s this about a maid?”
    “She brought me my breakfast.”
    “What on a breakfast tray?”
    “How else was she to do it?”
    “How is it you warrant a maid bringing you breakfast, I had to make my own, tea and toast!”
    “I have my breakfast brought to me on a tray, by a maid because it’s a privilege I have earned.”
    “So what did you have for breakfast this fine morning?”
    “Well as a matter of fact, I had a pot of tea, toast, and a glass of orange juice.”
    “Jam or marmalade?”
    “Does it make any difference?”
    “To have marmalade is the English way, to have jam is International!”
    “As a matter of fact the maid forgot the marmalade”
    “Doesn’t sound much of a privilege to me.”
    “You’re right, it isn’t. By the time the maid arrives with it, breakfast is cold anyway!”
    “I blame those garden tractors they use.”
    “A bit slow I agree, but they get you there in the end.”
    “Be quicker to walk!”
    “Is that why we walk to work every morning?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “When we could take a taxi to work.”
    “What and arrive late?! I took a taxi ride once, Number two had asked me to meet a currier off a helicopter. I arrived ten minutes late!”
    “Why so?”
    “The taxi driver took the scenic route! We went down the same streets, then back again, twice past the Café, along cobbled paths, round the statue of Hercules, at one point I swore we met ourselves coming back the other way!”
   “That hasn’t happened this morning.”
   “But we have taken the long road!”

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