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Wednesday 19 September 2018

The Trivia

    A mechanical band in the Cat and Mouse nightclub, except it isn’t really that at all. It’s a mechanical drum kit with a statue of a lion on a rotating stool! Yes the drums bang, the cymbals clash, but as for the rest of the music, it’s piped in through loudspeakers!
    A nightclub that’s trendy for The Village, modern in that it only sells non-alcoholic beverages, gin, whisky, vodka looks the same tastes the same, but no-one can get tiddly! The decoration of the Cat and Mouse is of a nautical persuasion. A mermaid figurehead from a ship, fishing nets, ships wheel. But what’s that woman doing carrying that large pot about with her, and is that incense burning in it, or some kind of drug to bring about the illusion of intoxication? If it is it doesn’t work on Number 6, he demands Number 58 get him a drink, an alcoholic drink, and smashes a glass on the floor in a fit of temper. And he upset the waitress, after all she was only doing her job. I expect she’s not had much to do with awkward customers like Number 6 before!
   Was the Cat and Mouse merely set up for one night? I only ask because it’s just a step or two from Number 6’s cottage, and there has never been any sign of the Cat and Mouse before, and is never seen again. Not even on the morning of the election, as Numbers 2 and 6 leave the cottage to assess the madding crowd!

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