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Friday 7 September 2018

60 Seconds With No.2

    I told them they were using the wrong approach. I know I did my best, but really all I did was to bring Number 6 and Number 8 together. For them to build something of an understanding based on the idea that Nadia had, like Number 6, committed no crime, all she had done was to resign. By which she would gain his sympathy. All I had to do then was to see the two of them escape The Village unhindered, it was easy really. Number 6 was so willing to believe that Nadia knew the location of The Village, and that’s what gave him to Number 8. I wasn’t even required to ask the questions, that duty fell to the Colonel. I suppose the fact that Post 5 had his wristwatch set at English time instead of Polish time could be laid at my door. But really how was anyone to know that Number 6’s wristwatch would become waterlogged, requiring him to ask for Post 5’s wristwatch. Only Number 6 could possibly know that he wanted to time the journey to London, just making sure. But then what plan which involved Number 6 ever succeeded? If I had had my way........oh well, file Number 6, section 42, subsection 1, paragraph 1....back to the beginning!

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