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Thursday 13 September 2018

A Favourite Scene In Dance of The Dead

   I bet he wasn’t expecting that!
   “Are you alright, you tried to go in… mistake? Its fussy about who it lets in…. this is the Town Hall.”
   I bet Number 6 wasn’t expecting that, to be hit by an electronic force field! But then why should he, after all he had been in the Town Hall before. Unless of course ‘Dance of The Dead’ was to precede ‘Free For All,’ then it would have been right, Number 6 would not have known that this is the Town Hall, not having been in it before. However had ‘Free For All been preceded by ‘Dance of The Dead’ then there would have been no need for Number 6 to go to the Town Hall in order to witness the disillusionment of the out-going Council, because there would not have been an election. The fact that the Village political system has no opposition! In the first place, Number 2 is appointed, not elected by the people, and in the second place Number 6 knew that this is the Town Hall, Number 2 told him so during his aerial tour of The Village on the day of his arrival. But perhaps he had forgotten, after all there had been a great deal for him to take to take in that morning!

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