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Saturday 15 September 2018

The Therapy Zone

    Who is XO4? XO4 is the person to whom Number 6 wrote the message;
    Ref you enquiry via Bizet
    No.2’s instability confirmed.
    Detailed report follows.
    What happened to that message? Number 6 put in the inside pocket of his blazer, what he did with it after that is anyone’s guess. He could have passed it on to XO4, he might have thrown it away.
    So XO4, did he exist? If so was he operating in The Village independently gathering a report on Number 2, and did Number 6 give him that message later? XO4 may not have existed in The Village, but might Number 6 know who XO4 is. After all Number 6 himself had a code name in the same vein, that of ZM73. In ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ other such code names were used, PR12, and XB4. Is it possible that XO4 is none other than Sir Charles Portland, seems doubtful somehow.
   Anyway Number 2 knows who Number 6 is, he’s D6! Sent to The Village by their masters to spy on them, to spy on Number 2! Planted in The Village by XO4… Number 2 knows who XO4 is. That being the case, doesn’t that put Number 6 and Number 2 on the same side? Certainly it would if Number 2 is Thorpe! But then that’s not a code name is it, but NO2 is, get it?
    As for D6, well there was the suggestion years ago, that D stands for Drake, and 6 for 6 as in Number 6 hence D6. It would have been a nice touch had the message been signed ZM73, but clearly that would have been impossible as he wasn’t given that code name until ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling!’

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