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Sunday 9 September 2018

The Trivia!

    There is nothing more important than trivia! Number 2 knew that when he was trying to relieve Number 6 of that trivial matter of his resignation that had been causing him so much trouble. Why did he resign? He needed time.....oh that was it eh, a question of time. He hated his job so much that he chucked it in. But it wasn’t just a question of time, Number 6 needed time to think! I have often wondered if ZM73’s resignation had anything to do with Professor Seltzman? After all he was the last man to have any contact with him, it seems to me that ZM73 had been shielding Seltzman! He knew that science can be perverted, he stated as much in ‘The Schizoid Man.’ No doubt he was under the impression that if anyone laid hands on Professor Seltzman, his machine, and mind transference technique, it would be perverted. He was too late, because although The Village administration had been unable to trace Seltzman, they had been able to acquire both the technique and the machine. What’s more they had perverted its use, and had already been putting the machine to good use for an undisclosed length of time, long before ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling!’

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