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Tuesday 18 December 2018

A Favourite Scene During The Opening Sequence

    As ZM73 {because he’s not the Prisoner yet} drives out of the underground car park and up the ramp, here’s a car waiting as the Lotus reaches the T junction. It’s a hearse with two undertakers in it, and they follow the Lotus through the streets of London to arrive in Buckingham Place before ZM73, and watch him go into the house.
    Had the two undertakers followed the Lotus to the underground car park, and then waited for the car to emerge? Or is it the case that someone ordered them there, to follow the Lotus back to the driver’s home and abduct him from there? If the latter who gave the two undertakers such an order and when, because even if it was that bureaucrat who ZM73 handed his letter of resignation to, then he’d have had to be damn quick about it, to organize the two undertakers in so short a time. Before ZM73 returned to his car from that office. And if it was the Colonel who gave the order then they’d have to be even quicker because the bureaucrat would have to tell him first. But if it had been Sir Charles Portland well that would have been a miracle to bring about such a plan in so short a time!
    I think ZM73’s abduction had been long since organized, before his resignation which was simply coincidental. Someone had had him under the closest possible surveillance, cameras in his home and all that. And for a reason, he was wanted by those masters we hear so much about from people in The Village, those masters who are the administration behind The Village. A man of ZM73’s calibre, who wouldn’t want him? But making him co-operate that’s a different game altogether!

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