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Thursday 20 December 2018


    Take that night in ‘A B and C,’ when Number 6 emerges from the bathroom to find the maid has left his nightcap of hot chocolate on the work top of the dinette. What does he do? He pours the drink into the sink, then taking a glass he fills it with cold water from the tap, then holding up the glass he shows it to the camera looking into the clear liquid, and takes a sip of water. A few moments later he feels strange, the glass slips from his hand, and he collapses on the floor in the bedroom. 
   So each night when a maid makes Number 6’s nightcap, did she personally drug that drink from a receptacle, or was the drug fed into the water supply at certain times? Number 6 didn’t drink that nightcap, instead he took a sip of cold water drawn from the cold tap in the kitchen, after which he collapsed unconscious in the floor in the bedroom. For me that confirms the drug, the strong sedative, was administered through the tap water all the time, which in turn would have made it easier for the maid. Because no doubt she not only had to make Number 6’s nightcap, but for a number of other citizens as well.
   Number 6 usually drank his nightcap, because as he said to himself in ‘Dance of The Dead,’ “I’ve never seen a night, I just sleep.” But then that night Number 6 found he couldn’t sleep because he didn’t drink his nightcap. And again in ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ he told Number 14 how he couldn’t sleep, that he was so restless. So there’s no point in lying in bed when you cannot sleep, so he got up and went out, what time might that have been? It was certainly very early in the morning, and at that time of day one might expect the door of his cottage to still have been securely locked. But perhaps they forgot to lock the French window again!
    Number 6 not having drunk his nightcap in ‘Dance of The Dead’ and so being unable to sleep would suggest the drug was in his nightcap, not so, because it indicates he didn’t drink any tap water either as he had in ‘A B and C.’ Number 6 thought he was being clever by not drinking his nightcap, but he wasn’t half clever enough. After all he didn’t have to drink the water, but then if he hadn’t, he might not have been asleep let along heavily sedated when the two men came for him during the night!

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