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Saturday 8 December 2018

Life Outside The Village!

    “To Lose A Fiancé Once Seems Like Carelessness, to lose a fiancé twice is tragic!”
    One can only guess at how Janet Portland must have been feeling after having lost her fiancé the first time, and then having found him , albeit in the guise of another man, but then only to lose him a second time must have been heartbreaking for her. Not that she quite understood what was actually going on, why this man the Colonel could kiss her like her fiancé would have done. All heart rending stuff from Janet's point of view.
   We can only speculate what Janet did after losing her fiancé once more. No doubt she would have approached her father again, asking him where her fiancé is, and what happened to the man who attended her birthday party to bring her a message from her fiancé. Would Janet have gone on pining for her fiancé, and if so for how long? Because life does go on, and I'm sure for Janet there would be few further chances of love and marriage, well certainly not to a man of her fiancés calibre. Older men would find Janet attractive, but not so younger men, well Janet is not so young herself, being considered at the time, middle aged.
    How much Janet asked around the people she and her fiancé knew, regarding her fiancés disappearance, apart from approaching her father, Sir Charles Portland that is, is err unknown. If by any chance Sir Charles was the only person Janet approached in connection with her fiancés disappearance, then Janet didn't look too far did she. Did Janet go so far as to report his disappearance to the police for example? If so, there is the possibility that Special Branch may have become involved, and would then have themselves approached Sir Charles Portland. What answers Sir Charles may have given, could have been those associated with his daughter.
Janet “Is he able to get in touch with me?”
    Sir Charles “I honestly don't know.”
    “Do you mean you haven't sent him on a mission?”
    Her father shrugs.
    “And you realise I'm telling you more than I should. I shouldn't even tell you that.”
    “You mean that even you don't know where he is?”
    “I have no idea.”
   Special Branch aren't going to get very far by interviewing Sir Charles Portland, are they?
   If Janet could not have her fiancé back, which realistically doesn't look very likely. Then she would have to marry another man, perhaps not to her suiting, to save herself being left on the shelf and ending her days as an old maid. Not greatly attractive or exciting for that matter, one wonders what the Prisoner saw in her in the first place. Janet might have been a useful ally, as the boss’s daughter, an aid in a step up the ladder of his career. After all the Prisoner could not have remained out in the cold for his entire career. If he was to have married Janet Portland, she would have wanted him to settle down, and to a quiet office job. Home at 5pm, out to dinner, possibly the theatre. Two children, holidays in France, to her fathers at weekends, clerking during the day. Not very exciting would you say, no neither would I. Not for a man like John Drake, who courted danger for the length of time he did. Travelling the world, meeting and perhaps making friends with so many attractive women. But Drake remained true to Janet, makes you wonder why?

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