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Saturday 22 December 2018

In The Village!

    We’ve seen Number 21 before, in fact she was the first person to speak in The Village, she was a waitress at the cafe then. She offered him breakfast and coffee, but now she seems to have been reduced to acting as a maid, the evening maid who makes Number 6 his nightcap telling him
    “Drink it while it’s hot.”
    “What is it?”
    “It’s good for you.”
    “Good for someone.”  
   Number 6 is a very fortunate man, not only does he have a daytime personal maid, to bring him his breakfast, and to flick a yellow duster or feather duster about the place, but he’s got a night time personal made as well to make him his nightcap! I suppose the maids must make Number 6’s bed as well, perhaps they also do his laundry for him, after all he must have  a change of clothes at some point, as well as change of underwear. It’s a wonder they don’t run his bath for him, and turn down the bed at night! I just wonder how many other prisoners get this kind of treatment, or privileges? I suppose when you’ve a prize prisoner like Number 6 you do your level best to look after him, after all they wouldn’t want any harm to befall him, would they?

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