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Wednesday 12 December 2018

A Question of Time!

    The Colonel “The Group Captain said he wouldn’t be a minute.”
    Thorpe “Yes.”
    “How long does it take to put on a pair of boots?”
    “I don’t know a couple of minutes perhaps.”
    “How long has it been now?”
    “Why do you ask?”
    “The Group Captain was already wearing his boots.”
    “Why are you worrying about the Group Captains boots?”
    “He should have come out of the kitting room by this time!”
    “There he goes now.”
    “Did you see that milkman?”
    “Milkman, no!”
    “We didn’t order any milk.”
    “There was no need, we already had some for our tea. But why are you worrying about the milkman?”
    “I don’t know, he took too long that’s all.”
    “The milkman?”
    “No, the Group Captain.”
    “What do you mean he took too long?”
    “Even two minutes is too long for a man to take in order to put on his boots, when he’s already wearing them. So what was he doing?”
    “I shouldn’t worry about it, they are on their way now.”
    “Yeeeesssss. I get the feeling we’ve seen the last of him.”
    “Probably just as well.”
    “A bit unkind don’t you think? After all he’s on old, old friend who doesn’t give up!”
    “Don’t we know it!”

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