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Monday 31 December 2018

Bureau of Visual Records

   Unhealthy aspects of speech, well I can understand how this youthful hippy’s form of speech wouldn’t exactly fit in the Village. It’s difficult to see Number 48 fitting in anywhere in the Village, or indeed to understand why this youth was brought to the Village in he first place. Unhealthy aspects of dress, but surely Number 48 wasn’t permitted to wear his current attire, surely his clothes would have been taken away, and replaced with more conventional Village attire.
    Number 48 doesn’t appear to have any place in the Village whatsoever. If he had then he represents failure if Number 2 could not curve this youth’s rebellious nature. It might be that 48 was born in the Village, and grew to loath the place and all it stood for and so he “dropped out,” hence he once being with them, but then he went and gone. But then there’s the question of his clothes, where would he have obtained them? Perhaps from a warehouse where all the people who arrive in the Village have their clothes taken and stored. Number 48 doesn’t fit in unlike the late Number 2 and the former Number 6, he’s the odd one out, because he represents rebellious youth that’s all, in other words he is a contrivance on the part of the scriptwriter. Unlike Number 2 who comes from the British Establishment, the House of Lords no less, while Number 6 stems from British Military Intelligence. But Number 48 has no background, rather like the Butler, more is known about Number 6 than any of these two! If you think Number 6 is an enigma, what does that make Number 48 and the Butler?

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