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Sunday 16 December 2018

Village Life!

    “Go easy on him this morning.”
    “He’s in a bad mood.”
    “Did he get out of the wrong side of the bed or something?”
    “It’s because you forced him to use that red, curved, over-sized telephone yesterday.”
    “He thinks you were taking the micky out of him.”
    “He’s right!”
    “What are you two talking about?”
    “Well there’s only one thing worse than being talked about.”
    “What’s that?”
    “Not being talked about!”
    “And me......I’m not allowed to speak!”
    “That’s because you’re symbolic.”
    “Of what?”
    “The little man who hasn’t a voice.”
    “You’re just getting me on the cheap that’s all!”
    “What do you mean?”
    “If I talk on camera I get paid more.”
    “Ah but you’re enigmatic.”
    “I thought you said I was symbolic?”
    “Yes, and enigmatic, you are the real mystery,”
    “Yes, they know who I am, but you are the man of mystery, the man with no identity, a man with no name, you don’t even have a number!”
    “I’d never thought of it like that.”
    “Are we getting on with this scene or not? And don’t make me use that damned telephone again or I’ll.......”
    “Or you’ll what.....resign?”
    “Let’s just get on, my ulcer’s playing up!”
    “Ready to go now......”
    “What is it now?”
    “Hair in the gate!”
    “Oh and I’ve drunk all the milk now!”
    “Ten minute break everyone.”
    “How was I Patrick?”
    “You were good Angelo.”
    “I’m a complete mystery then?”
    “You said it Angelo, but more than that you make me look even better than I am!”

Be seeing you

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