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Monday 10 December 2018


    He might not be white, round, have the behavioural qualities of a balloon but he’s a guardian all the same, but one of a different kind. He like others of his kind who work undercover, this one’s a gardener. Number 6 told this gardener that he’d like a word with him. The gardener told him that he’d have to! You can tell a guardian by his authoritative attitude, that’s why other prisoners like the Rook, shopkeeper, painter and the others obeyed Number 6. He demonstrated his authority towards them.
    So what do these guardians do? They spend their working day working, but at the same time they watch and report, like the shopkeeper in ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ Number 112. He watched Number 6’s unusual activity in his shop and reported that activity to Number 2. They watch and report. It’s not enough to have surveillance cameras and microphones everywhere, and the deterrent of Rover, they have to have human guardians on the ground, in the field so to speak. Informants! It’s no wonder they don’t need a police force and a police station. For the most part citizens behave themselves, they toe the line because they don’t know who they can trust. Well they could, until the Rook put to Number 6 his own test, and found him to be a guardian, an infiltrator who goes about trying to trick innocent citizens in engaging in escape plots. But the Rook got it wrong, Number 6 got it wrong  when he took command of the escape plot, and that’s why no group of people could ever escape The Village, not being able to know who to trust or not. Number 8 wanted to help Number 6 with his escape attempt, or at least she could tell him what not to try. After all she had helped so many others with their escape plans, but then she’s still in The Village and because of that Number 6 wouldn’t take the risk in trusting her. And yet he expected others to trust him, for all they knew he could well have been an infiltrator trying to trick them. Originally one of Number 6’s reliable men had been an infiltrator, designed to find out what Number 6 was up to. But Number 6 discovered Number 32 was a fifth columnist, and got rid of him. Number 6’s downfall was his air of authority, hence the Rook putting to Number 6 his own tests. Number 6 would have made an excellent guardian, if we’re judging by attitudes.

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