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Tuesday 4 December 2018

The Chimes of Big Ben

    How do the Guardians manage to drag Nadia through the water and onto the beach? Some form of physical magnetism, a force field generated by the Guardians. Mind you if you watch the film footage slowly, you will see Nadia swimming with her legs! So why doesn't Number 6 answer the question about having a wife, or being engaged when Nadia asked him? Number 6 likes to mind his own business, and expects others to do likewise! Besides he has an aversion to people asking him personal questions. You will recall his reaction in ‘Arrival’ when the manager of the Labour Exchange was asking the Prisoner personal questions, he smashed the construction set to the floor in pieces!
   Number 2 couldn’t have been happy with this approach, in fact he voiced his opinion about it if you recall in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ “I told you the last time you were using the wrong approach.” The plan of course failed, it was a good idea and Number 2 did his best. Well Number 2 didn’t do all that much, all he did was to bring Nadia and Number 6 together, and oversee that their escape went unhindered. Nadia said Number 2 was right about Number 6, but it wasn’t really Number 2 who was to blame for the failure of the plan, the fault lies with Post 5. Had his wristwatch been set at the correct time, then Number 6 would have told the Colonel everything. But what then? What would have been achieved by Number 6 telling the Colonel the reason behind his resignation? After all it’s a piece of information, important only to Number 6, other than that it has no intrinsic value. The knowing of it doesn’t get anyone anywhere except perhaps to complete his file, and Number 6 would remain a prisoner despite the telling of it. The failure of the plan seemed to affect Nadia the most. Number 2 was somewhat matter of fact about it. Nadia seemed to take it personally, perhaps this failure would be a black mark against her in her file.

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