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Saturday 29 December 2018

Thought For The Day

    Number 2 told Number 6 he knows too much that’s why they’re both lifers, which would suggest Number 6 know too much as well. He went on to say he’s an optimist, that’s why it doesn’t matter who Number 1 is. It doesn’t matter which side runs The Village. Number 6 might well be staying, but Number 2 is free to leave The Village, you will recall how they brought him back for ‘Once Upon A Time.’ So how can Number 2 be a lifer if he’s allowed to leave The Village? Perhaps because he still works for The Village in the outside world! Many do you know, Cobb for one, the Colonel and Fotheringay for two others. Perhaps ZM73 worked for The Village, but then for whatever reason he went and resigned, and they wanted to know why one of their agents had gone wrong. So they had him brought to The Village!

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