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Thursday 6 December 2018

It’s Your Funeral

    How come The Tally Ho was produced at 10am when it is always issued at noon? That’s probably a continuity error, the fact that The Tally Ho was published daily at noon, according to Number 6 in ‘Many Happy returns’ appears to have been forgotten by the time of this episode. Unless of course having the broadsheet published earlier in the day is one of the retiring Number 2’s improvements for the good of the people. If so it became even better during the following episode ‘A Change of Mind,’ because two editions of The Tally Ho were produced in the one day!
    According to the daily prognosis report Number 6 buys a bar of soap every day. Does he? I suppose he must, otherwise the daily activities prognosis report on Number 6 would be wrong!
    Why does the interim Number 2 use a yellow telephone to talk to No.1 when all the other Number 2's use a red one? Its probably down to a continuity error, and a pretty stupid one at that, one which should easily have been avoided!

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