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Thursday 6 December 2018

Thought For The Day

    So here we are, 52 years of ‘the Prisoner,’ and we still cannot get enough of the series! But of course it has to be remembered that it’s not 52 years for everyone, only enthusiasts of my generation who were in it right from the beginning. And yet when was the beginning 1967, or anytime between then and now. Because that’s how it is for everyone, ‘the Prisoner’ had to start at some point for everyone, perhaps in 1984 as it was for many. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the 1984 screening of ‘the Prisoner,’ despite errors made by Channel 4 during that’s screening. The missing few minutes in ‘A B and C’ along with the inclusion of the regular opening sequence to ‘the Prisoner’ at the beginning of ‘Living In Harmony!’ Some twit at Channel Four saw that the regular opening sequence to ‘the Prisoner’ was missing, so he had it added to ‘Living In Harmony,’ then to be followed by the actual opening sequence!! In more recent years the television channel ‘True Entertainment’ has screened ‘the Prisoner,’ two and a half times if memory serves, and has not been repeated since, unlike other ITC television series on ‘True Entertainment,’ why not? In the past there have been few screenings of ‘the Prisoner,’ the reason given, because it doesn’t attract large viewing figures. But surely viewing figures do not count any more, do they? Like me you may well have ‘the Prisoner’ several times on different DVD’s as well good old fashioned VHS video tape, but there’s nothing to beat an actual terrestrial television  screening of the series. It’s just a pity that when there are such screenings, that ‘the Prisoner’ commercial bumpers are no longer used.

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