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Thursday 13 December 2018

Citizen No.8

    I guess that puts 8 pretty far up in the rankings, that’s a mere 6 between itself and Number 1. Nadia of course wasn’t really a citizen of The Village, more a plant, so she doesn’t really count in the order of things especially since she left The Village. But she played her part well enough, a woman in distress. The next Number 8 was a completely different kettle of fish, a citizen yes, but one conditioned through hypnotism to betray people and their escape plans. This Number 8 was in love with Number 6, but that love was manufactured. He saw through her, he saw through her tears, and we never saw her again!
    When the number 8 is reallocated it’s to a woman who works in the cipher room, it is she who must oversee a daily prognosis report on Number 6. She delivers it personally to an interim Number 2, and goes through its finer points. However she gets the hump when the interim Number 2 belittles her complicated explanation as to why the computer refused to give up the data after having “Fission prognosis programming must include a quantum permutation of all cause and effects of supplementary elements.”
    “In other words the computer calculated the old woman’s behaviour would change the behaviour pattern of Number Six.”
    The final Number 8 turns out to be a man! He devised a method of putting a subject into a dangerous environment, dosing said subject with hallucinatory drugs, and speaking through microphones. But this Number 8 allowed himself to become involved and do what he would in a real situation. It’s not been a bed of roses being Number 8. Once I betrayed someone, and would have done a second time, but I wasn’t clever enough! Then I portrayed myself as an efficient woman working in the cipher room, the next I’ve had a sex change, and turns out to be a psychotic homicidal maniac who strangles the same girl twice with my bare hands. Then I take what is termed as the easy way out, committing suicide by throwing myself from a balcony! Number 8 is a poor number for anyone to have.

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