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Tuesday 18 December 2018

Quote For The Day

    “We have everything here, water electricity.”
                                  {No.2 – Arrival}
I should think they would have water and electricity, not much of a village without those. And has The Village got gas laid on? It is suggested that it has, because there is a gas pipe leading to the gas fire in the fire place of Number 12’s cottage in ‘The Schizoid Man.’ It’s the pipe Number 6 earthed himself to when he gave himself the electric shock therapy. Mind you that gas pipe might well have simply been for show, after all it was in Alison’s former home and would have to be in her cottage in The Village, but it might simply have been for show. After all, the cottage 6 Private might have a fire place, but it has no chimney!
   So The Village has two of the usual public amenities, water and electricity, but what about dealing with the sewage? Is The Village on mains sewage, or are cesspits made well use of? Being so isolated as The Village is, I should think mains sewage would be out of the question, as that would suggest a sewage treatment plant nearby. No, my money is on the use of cesspits!

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