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Saturday 8 December 2018

Quote For The Day

    “I’m a fool?!”
    “No sir, I’m a fool, not a rat!”
                                         {No.2 and No.6 – Once Upon A time}
 Honour had been instilled into the young.........what does one call him? Drake? ZM73? Patrick McGoohan? Or perhaps Number 6 would be best seeing as he is in The Village. Honour had been instilled into Number 6 from a very early age. He would not “rat” on a fellow school pupil, he would take 6, no 12 of the best, so that he could remember, punishment for not “ratting” on a classmate. That code of honour is a powerful thing, it must have been so instilled in him that he wouldn’t even give anything important away about himself. Is that why he wouldn’t give the reason why he resigned, because it would have been “ratting” on himself, if that’s possible. Number 6 is an honourable man, even unto himself and unto the British Military Intelligence from which he resigned. After all he wouldn’t even drop his guard with his own grandmother!

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