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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Favourite Scene in The Prisoner

  One evening in ‘Checkmate,’ as Number 6 is in his pyjamas and dressing gown attending to his ablutions, he suddenly hears someone in his cottage. Leaving the bathroom, he goes through into the kitchen. Number 8 is pom-pom ming the nursery rhyme “Pop Goes The Weasel,” whist making Number 6 his regular nightcap of hot chocolate.
    6 “Hello.”
    8 “Hurry up before it gets cold.”
    “Nothing like a cup of hot chocolate for a sound nights sleep.”
    “Had a hard day?”
    “No worse, no better.”
    “Anything you’d like to tell me?”
    “Yes, how’d you get in here?”
    “Oh the usual way, by the door.”
    “Its so wonderful to be with you.”
    “It’s a warm feeling.”
    “On a cold night.”
    “Yes nice chocolate.”
    “Oh you like it.”
    “Yes very nice.”
    “Would you like some more?”
    “No, no thank you very much indeed, but it was a kind thought.”
    “You’re the one that’s kind.”
    “To allow me to be with you.”
    {Curfew time, ten minutes. All citizens ten minutes to curfew, sleep well}
    “If only you cared a little, I’d be happy.”
    “I do care. Who put you up to this?”
    “Who…..put you up to it?”
    “No body.”
    “Then get out.”
    No body put me up to it.”
    Get out!
    “I only want to help you!”
    Every body wants to help me!
“What’s the matter?”
   “Nothing, nothing’s the matter.”
    “Stop crying.”
    “Sorry to bother you.”
    “That’s alright, not bothering me.”
    “I’m not bothering you?”
    “Do you like me?”
    “Oh you’re so good to me.”
    “Thank you.”
    “That’s alright.”
    “Thank you.”
    “That’s fine, that’s okay.”
    “Would you like some more chocolate?”
    “Chocolate, no, no, I’ve got some….”
    “May I see you again?”
    “Oh yes, I’m here all the time.”
    “Thank you, ever so much.
    {Number 8 departs the cottage, and at the door gives a cheery wave to Number 6.}

  Number 6 can be quite cruel to Number 8. He thinks someone put her up to going to his cottage in order to make his nightcap of hot chocolate. But Number 8 loves Number 6, who does not love her. But despite his anger towards her, telling her to “Get out” his temper soon mellows when 8 begins to cry. In fact he gives the woman hope for her love when she asks to see him again, it is only a slight hope, but Number 8 sees him as being good to her.
   As for Number 8, that was very kind of her to make Number 6 a nightcap of hot chocolate, a task which his night-time personal maid usually carries out for him, the nightcap drugged of course in order that Number 6 should sleep. It makes me wonder if they were using Number 8 for that purpose, and if so, did she add the drug to the cup of hot chocolate? Well she wouldn’t need to, not if the drug was administered through the tap water!


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