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Monday, 3 November 2014

The Prisoner Comment

   ‘The Schizoid Man,’ was one of the more heavily re-written episodes, one scene being when Numbers 6 and 12 try to surpass each other in regard to their driving skills, with a Mini-Moke race around The Village. The other being the mind reading scene between Number 6, 12 and Alison, using Zener cards.
 This was written into the script, because the scene in which Alison was able to tell between the real Number 6 by kissing him was removed. It was suggested by scriptwriter Terrence Feely that Alison and Number 6 were lovers. And certainly Patrick McGoohan was not having anything to do with that, so insisted upon a change in the script. While this scene was able to be shot on a set in Number 2’s office, it should be blindingly obvious that the Mini-Moke race sequence had to be cut because the script was not included amongst those episodes to be filmed extensively on location in Portmeirion.

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  1. Dear David
    If only they'd included the Mini Moke race sequence, that would have been so cool! I’ve always loved this episode because it’s so clever, and also because it’s the first episode of the series I ever watched (I managed to borrow one of the Channel 5 videos from a friend and was hooked!). Mind you there was always plenty of scope in this storyline for various challenges between No 6 and 12 – as well as a moke race they could have had an arm-wrestling contest, drinking contest, kosho (might have been tricky to film!), bake-off, custard-pie fight, or even a ‘best escape plan’ contest! Or they could have hunted each other down in the woods Rambo style! Other 'if only's for me in the series include the cut Cat & Mouse karaoke scene, unused scenes from Hammer into Anvil including one where Nos 2 and 14 are rummaging around in the stagecoach (interesting!), and also cut scenes from Arrival and Chimes. Ahh, if only………..

    1. Hello Nadia,
      I enjoyed reading your comment, and the list of ways the pair of 6's could have challanged each other, I particullarly like the 'best escape plan' contest and the possibility of a bout of Kosho, perhaps not so difficult to have been filmed they could have used Patrick McGoohan's stunt double Frank Maher.
      There are a few cut scenes which might have added to episodes, that would have made them look very different. Such as the final scene in of the original script for 'Dance of the Dead' which was never filmed. In which there was a frenzied dance at the end of the episode when everyone dies except Number 6.
      Perhaps the cut scene in 'Hammer Into Anvil' in which Number 2 and Number 14 are rummaging around in the stagecoach wasn't actually cut from the episode, but was filmed taking place in the stone boat instead!

      Very best regards