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Monday, 17 November 2014

Thought For The Day

    The Prisoner having at last escaped The Village in ‘Many happy Returns,’ off he went, running back to his ex-colleagues, the Colonel and a sceptical Thorpe! I know we do not witness anything which takes place between the Prisoner, the Colonel, and Thorpe previously to what we see on the television screen. But it is a pity that the Prisoner does not add to his report on The Village, about the Colonel’s predecessor and Fotheringay working for The Village during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ suggesting that they are both traitors!
    Perhaps they were, perhaps that’s why the Prisoner meets with a different Colonel, and Thorpe not Fothergay. Remember Number 2 told Fotheringay to get back to London before any embarrassing questions were asked. Perhaps Fotheringay was too late, and was picked up on his return, and the Colonel soon after. That would account for the Colonel’s successor, and Fortheringay’s replacement.  And the fact that Number 6 wasn’t altogether trusting of the Colonel and Thorpe, once bitten and all that. Because the Prisoner wasn’t sure which side runs The Village. But where else was the Prisoner to get the answers he so desperately needed, if not there with the Colonel?

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