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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Bureau of Visual Records

    It seems to be a timely moment for Number 14 during that bout of Kosho in ‘Hammer Into Anvil!’ It seems that the first person to dunk his opponent into the tank of water is the winner. So why is it, when Number 6 has Number 14 at his mercy, he doesn’t dunk 14 into the tank of water? Certainly as a viewer, when I first watched the episode I was eagerly expecting Number 14 to make a big splash. But it was not to be. Number 6 had 14 by the belt , with 14 dangling over the tank of water. Then two other Kosho players arrive on the scene, and when Number 6 sees them, he pulls 14 up, and the two opponents bow to each other. But there is no respect, you can tell that by the expression on 14’s face, the hatred in his eyes! I think Number 6 was going to dunk Number 14 into the tank of water, but cannot understand what caused him to change his mind. I shouldn’t have thought the appearance of two other Kosho players should have made any difference. After all during the bout of Kosho in ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ Number 6 didn’t think twice about dunking his opponent into the tank of water. Perhaps Number 6 showed mercy towards Number 14!

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