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Friday, 21 November 2014

Quote For The Day

   “I have to report a breakdown in Control!”
                                  {Number 2 - Hammer Into Anvil}
    Why didn’t Number 6 report Number 2 as being a breakdown in control? After all that would have afforded Number 6 the opportunity for Number 6 to speak to Number 1. But then where would the full retribution have been in that? Much more humiliating for Number 2 to report himself.
    Number 6 said that Number 2 was afraid of his masters. Possibly he was afraid of himself, of his own failure, of what would happen to him if he did fail. The question we should be asking ourselves, is why was this Number 2 brought to The Village in the first place? This Number 2 seems to be the odd one out. Meaning that all his predecessors were brought to The Village for a specific purpose. Yet this Number 2 seems to have no purpose, unless it is simply to be thrown to the “lone wolf” that is Number 6.
   This Number 2 is paranoid. It might be that being afraid brought about his paranoia. If there was a purpose for this Number 2, clearly it took place before ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ We first see this Number 2 interrogating Number 73 in a hospital room. Number 73 has clearly attempted suicide by slashing her wrists. Number 2 is a sadistic interrogator, who clearly doesn’t have the intelligence to understand that if they have a photograph with Number 73’s husband and the woman Mariah together in a hotel room, all they have to do is have agents working for The Village to keep said hotel under surveillance. After all, who took the photograph in the first place?
    On the surface, this Number 2 seems nothing more than a professional interrogator. But perhaps he was brought to The Village to bring out those enemies within their midst! Perhaps he was supposed to have overseen a purge of The Village, to rid the internment camp of any enemies, malcontents, and troublemakers. In this it would seem Number 2 failed, and so another way had to be found, that was to be plan Division Q in the next episode! The only trouble is, there doesn’t appear to have been any such enemies, or indeed conspiracies. As no-one appears to have any idea of what Number 2 is going on about when he accuses his administration of being either in league with Number 6, or being involved in the conspiracy against both himself and the Village. With Number 2 being so unstable, so paranoid about non-existent enemies within their midst, I’m sure Number 1 would be glad to see the back of him.   
       There must have been enemies, because there were prisoners in The Village being held against their will and that made them natural enemies and malcontents. But Number 2 said in that article in The Tally Ho that he didn’t know who the enemies were in The Village. Yet the interim Number 2, the heir presumptive in the next episode ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ had a list of malcontents, top of that list being Number 6.
    Number 2 saw enemies everywhere, and felt there was no-one he could trust, that he felt that everyone in The Village was conspiring against him. It seems the only enemy against Number 2, even when Number 6 decided to involve himself, was Number 2 himself!

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