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Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Prisoner

    Is ‘the Prisoner’ so difficult to follow, or too subversive as to make some people dislike or even loathe the series when it was originally screened in Britain? You either love ‘the Prisoner’ series, take to it like a duck to water, or you loathe it with a passion. But love and hate are just opposite sides of the same coin, are they not? Perhaps those who hate or loathe ‘the Prisoner’ see it as being subversive. Do they see something in ‘the Prisoner’ to be afraid of. Or in simpler terms, do they simply not understand it and that makes them afraid. But do they try to understand the Prisoner - well no, and make no attempt to do so. It is enough for them not to like the series, and nothing will make them change their minds. But then it's a free country.
   I recall a radio interview carried out on-air, but over the telephone with three fans of ‘the Prisoner.’ I make no comment regarding the first two interviews, but during mine, the interviewer did his best to try and make me out to be some sort of "over the top" Prisoner fanatic, who he tried to make fun of. But like ‘the Prisoner,’ I was having none of it, I wouldn't play the game and gave back as good as I got. Why do members of the media have to do that? But then that's been part and parcel of ‘Prisoner’ appreciation over the past 45 years. The media see something strange about fans of the Prisoner. But there's nothing so different between fans of the Prisoner and Star Trek. I mean if you want weird..... who had the idea of writing a Klingon dictionary? I knew someone who had a Klingon dictionary, I asked her could she read it, she said “No,” so what the hell was the point? But I did once know of an enthusiast for ‘the Prisoner’ who spake universally in ‘Prisoner’ dialogue!

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