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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Looking At It From No.1’s Perspective

    I shouldn't think Number 1 has a point of view, or does he? He seemed to be as mad as a hatter upon that meeting with Number 6, hiding behind masks and showing No.6 his future in that crystal ball.
   But Number 1 is the man who Number 6 was asking Little Bo-Peep about at the ‘Dance of the Dead.’ The power on the throne, and instigator of the village. Are we expected to believe that no-one knew who Number 1 was, that he went around all the time in a white cowled robe and black and white mask. That Number 2 didn't recognise Number 1's voice when they spoke on the telephone? Surely he didn't spend all his time aboard that rocket in ‘Fall Out’? Number1 must surely have had other quarters in that underground complex of the village, he had to eat and drink. Who served him his meals? And go to the bathroom just as his supposedly alter ego does above ground in his cottage in the village. And an office would be called for, for a man in Number 1's position, an office from which to administer the village, and surely Number 2 was not the only Village administrator to speak with Number 1.
   And if we are to touch upon the subject of alter egos, why then did Number 1 put his other self through so much? Perhaps he had to, in order for him to become Number 1 in the first place!
    There is even the chance that Number 1 actually got his hands dirty during the episode of ‘The Schizoid Man,’ in the guise of Curtis perhaps. After all we only have Number 6's word that Curtis-Number 12 actually died by suffocation by the membranic Village Guardian, not everyone did you know. And if Curtis was No.1 getting his hands dirty out and about in The Village, then it would not be the first time that such a meeting had provoked such a violent reaction between the two. After all John Drake had previously met with his other self in the ‘Danger Man’ episode ‘The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove.’ that meeting also broke out into a fight, as indeed it would have done between Number 6 and Number 1 in the control room of the rocket, if only Number 6 could have got his hands on Number 1 as he gave chase around the control room in the rocket.
   During Number 6's tormented, interrogated and tortuous time in The Village, through his disappointments, failures and victories, how did No.1 feel about his other self? In the way Number 6 thwarted Number 2 and The Village's administration, in ‘The General’ and ‘It’s Your Funeral’ for examples. Number 1 saw Speedlearn as purely a military exercise, according to Number 2, and then there was the failed execution of the retiring Number 2. Number 1 surely didn't make this all happen as mere tests for his alter ego-Number 6. And the drugs, therapy, and interrogation techniques used against Number6, had Number 1 no feeling for his alter ego at all? And how could Number 1 have felt when Number 6 was taught a lesson in episodes as ‘Free For All’ and ‘Many Happy Returns?’ Perhaps Number 1 saw himself as the stronger, and Number 6 as the weaker side to his nature. But in the end Number 6 was proved to be the man of steel who had survived the ultimate test of ‘Once Upon A Time.’ But what if Number 6 had not survived, there would have been no meeting with Number 1, and how do you think he would have felt then? And would Number 1 have actually survived without his alter ego the Number 6? Because throughout the series of tests he set Number 6, there were enormous risks taken by Number 1, anyone of which could have proved fatal!

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