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Friday, 14 November 2014

Thought For The Day

    What must it be like to be Number 6, with all that ability, and so many skills more than the average prisoner in The Village. And yet he still cannot escape, no matter how many times he tries, which aren’t that many as it happens. There are only so many ways of possible escape, and they’ve all be tried over the years, and people are still here. And those who aren’t, well they’re not always brought back alive. And in time Number 6 will learn that he’s no better than other mere mortals. In fact he could be worse off than any other mere mortal, after all, in all probability it’s his past that’s keeping him prisoner. The job he did, the kind of work he was expected to carry out. But then we don’t know what kind of work he carried out. Yet it must have been important work, important information, seeing as Number 2 told him what a valuable commodity he’d become on the open market. No doubt he worked for a government department. We know he worked for Sir Charles Portland, and he and his department were looking for Professor Seltzman. So perhaps it was a department within in British Intelligence, when considering his work could take him away for anything up to a year or more.
    What must it have been like for Number 6 to discover that it was his own people, his ex-colleagues who had him abducted and incarcerated in The Village. To be taken from all that he knew, the people he knew. And now he doesn’t know anyone. There’s no he knows in The Village, well apart from Cobb, the Colonel, Fotheringay. The Colonel and Thorpe, and Dutton who he meets along the way. There’s no-one he can trust, apart from himself. There’s no-one who can help him, other than himself. He is a prisoner of what he was, of what he wants to be. His past, present, and future.

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