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Saturday, 8 November 2014


  This word was originally meant to appear at the end of the end credits of 'the Prisoner' each week, but was eventually dropped. Now it only appears in the end credits of the first cut of 'The Chimes of Big Ben.' The canopied penny Farthing cuts to an image of the Universe, the Universe in the penny wheel, and Earth is the small farthing wheel. Then planet Earth looms up, fills the screen, and then the word pop appears at the end. Possibly meaning, or predicting the end of the world. And yet POP, where have we see or heard this mysterious word before? Why yes, during the deliberations of Number 2 and Number 6 in 'Once Upon A Time.' The nursery rhyme "Pop goes the weasel." And also "Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop protect, protect other people" Perhaps not pop, but P.O.P and stands for Protect Other People, what, perhaps before its too late?!

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  1. And yet POP, where have we see or heard this mysterious word before? Here, for example, Richard Hamilton's 1956 collage:

    As far as I know the word "POP" was used here on this picture for the 1st time and before the era which became known as the pop culture. I personally doubt that it's to do with "protect other people" - unless, well, the Villages claimed this slogan as its (perverted) motto. But I don't think they did and would. The Prisoner, for sure, is a product of this era. Hence POP was perhaps thought of to tie into the overall look and feel of the series. Something which didn't realise for some reason. That would be telling. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Yes indeed POP art, POP culture, POP music, and 'the Prisoner' is part of all that, which I had not excluded these from my mind. But I went with Portect Other People simply because that is what Number 6 said in 'Once Upon A Time.' It seemed important at the time. But of course in all probabibity it has absoluetly nothing to do with it, seeing as the first cut of 'The Chimes of Big Ben' was produced long before 'Once Upon A time.'

      Very kind regards