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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Thought For The Day

    A correspondent of mine wrote, why didn’t Number 6 take the opportunity to escape when he was in possession of the detonator for the plastic explosive in the Great Seal of Office? Well it wasn’t the fact that Number 6 was feeling generous when he handed that detonator to the retired Number 2, “Take it and go” he said, “No-one will question its authority.“ So the retired Number 2 took the detonator and went, leaving Number 6 to stop the new Number 2 from removing the Great Seal of Office from his shoulders. Had the canvas deck shoe been on the other foot, and Number 6 had taken advantage of the detonator to attempt to escape The Village, who was there that Number 6 could trust to stop Number 2 from removing that Great Seal of office?  Then ordering the capture of Number 6, even before he reached the helicopter? No-one, except for perhaps Monique!

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