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Monday, 17 November 2014


    There is one method of escape Number 6 does not attempt. Nadia Rakovsky/Number 8 did attempt to swim away from The Village, although she could not swim so far. What 30 miles to the Polish coast?
Had Number 6 attempted to swim away from The Village as Nadia had done, he might have put a twist on it, especially if The Village had an aqua club! And why not? In the Carnival parade two frogmen can be seen wearing wet suits. Also there are frogmen in the underground tunnel in ‘Fall Out.’ And after all there are many activities within The Village, so why not an aqua club.

   Number 6 might have acquired a wet suit, flippers, mask, and air tank, and hidden them away in the cave in the cliffs along the beach. He could have bided his time, until both time and tide were right before attempting to escape the Village by swimming away…. …underwater!
It is doubtful that sonar would be able to pick up a frogman underwater. However should Number 6 be detected by some means of underwater detection, the Supervisor would initiate an Orange Alert. The Village Guardian would then be released from the containment area somewhere at the bottom of the sea, and home in on its prey.
What would follow is an underwater film sequence between Number 6 and the membranic Guardian, which would have added something to the series.
It is questionable whether or not the membranic Guardian would have been able to subdue Number 6 underwater. Firstly there is the question of the effect of water pressure on the Guardian, also Number 6 would be more manoeuvrable underwater than on land. Certainly the Guardian wouldn’t be able to suffocate or half drown Number 6, thanks to the aqualung he would be using.    

  And yet with the possibility of the Guardian having failed to stop Number 6 escaping The Village by swimming underwater, they would no doubt have sent armed frogmen after Number 6 in order to restrain him and bring him back, and thereby adding to the underwater film sequence.

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