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Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Village

   The original Village has two types of Guardian. The membranic balloon sort, and Villagers who go about as gardeners, or some, like the security men aboard ‘Star Trek’s’ USS Enterprise, wear red jerseys! In the new Village of THEPRIS6NER the Guardians wear black. They have vicious dogs, and are armed with semi-automatic machine guns! However there are some things that never change, there is still the membranic balloon, even though it is now been upgraded by the use of CGI.
The Shopkeeper-No.112 in ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ When after Number 6’s unusual activity with the six records, and questioning the word “security” on the font page of The Tally Ho {in other words Jamming}, he leaves the General Store. The moment he has gone, the shopkeeper is on the telephone to Number 2. And later, after Number 6 has bought a small notebook, along with a Cuckoo clock, the shopkeeper is again on the telephone to Number 2, reporting Number 6’s unusual activity. While in ‘Anvil’ of THEPRIS6NER, the Shopkeeper-37927 is on the telephone to the Clinic {Two}, reporting Six and his unusual activity concerning a receipt and the purchase of a knife, this after Six has left The Village shop. Later when Un-Two goes to The Village Shop, he enjoys an illicit cigarette with the Shopkeeper, who once again telephones the Clinic {Two} to report a Two impersonator! So no matter what The Village, some things just never change!

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